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We believe that your

wedding video

is a chance to

cherish the love around you

We don't believe in

staging moments 

but instead

we choose to be present 

and capture

what it felt like to be there. 

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hi, i'm Jess, the founder and hopeless romantic behind Clementine & Clove 



For my entire life, I've always loved love stories. 


I have a deep love of rom-coms, telling my friends "I love you" and tearing up during wedding vows. 


In my perspective, a wedding isn't just a celebration of your love (though it is), but it's a celebration of who you've been apart while sending you off together into the sunset of your future. It's my joy and honor to be there to witness that. 


I'm passionate about telling all kinds of love stories including queer, trans, and nonbinary. 

Wedding days are full of ideals, and my goal is to create a snapshot in time that you can look back onto- remember the promises you are making and the dreams you have as a couple. 



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Jess was professional, offered amazing ideas, and took our requests to heart. I knew the end result would turn out great, but after seeing the highlight reel, we were blown away! I've watched it so many times -- I can't wait to show our guests

Jess is a step above the rest. Not only is she talented but she is super fun to be around and just creates an atmosphere where you feel like you can be yourself.



Jess was so great to work with for our wedding day. She made us both feel comfortable from our first meeting to our wedding day, and we are in love with the final video. She captured the love and happiness of our day perfectly. 




Highlight Reel


Full Ceremony

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